take me away from this place

i don't know who i am

a split second
five tenths of one second
that’s all
it takes

he killed himself


It is 3am. Why am I awake? I have nobody to be awake for.


I am bound to write
poetry about you and your eyes
since they shine like stars
in the dark night sky

(via mangled-passion)

sweet like a honey crisp apple
with a bite
you make me
melt into the carpet
with the heat of your light

let my words
pour over you like water
soaking your hair
before crawling down your neck
and caressing your chest
like the finger tips
of a mistress
let them soak into your pores
and put out the fire within you
let them puddle at your feet
you may walk away now

don’t slip

you ravaged me
ripped out my hair
dug your nails into my skin
reached through me
and twisted out my intestines
caught your fingers in my veins
but never once
did you have a hold
on my heart


Aching for something
And still looking for a beating
Heart to rip out of someone’s chest

you were a rainstorm
beautiful and triumphant
loud and full of awe
but i needed a blizzard
a silent key
to happiness
a bitter cold
that wraps around my body
like it really loves me

i don’t want to hear your life story
i want to hear what you’ve learned
the stories in your head
you’ve conjured up
as false experiences
that feel so real to you
they have made you wiser